Unique 13 piece pre-worn hand trowel set.

Any professional plasterer will tell you that the most important part of their tool kit is their hand trowel set.

A newly-bought trowel is not as good as a worn-in one, and achieving a perfect finish is almost impossible with a new, super-sharp edge.  The answer to this, when you buy a new trowel, is to ‘break in’ the tool artificially so that it’s just right.

My unique 13 piece pre-worn hand trowel set is a set of brand-new, professional-grade tools that have been prepared by myself using all my years of plastering experience, so that you receive the right tools, ready to create the perfect finish right from the first use.

So whether you’re a D.I.Y’er or at a more professional level, my hand trowel set is the perfect kit for all.

Quality is Worth It

Now you can buy the benefit of experience!

Each edge on every tool is carefully prepared by grinding and sanding to a specific level and then any carbon steel blades are sanded and re-sprayed with hard wearing clear lacquer to help protect against rust- a process that takes a considerable amount of time and expertise, but you’ll see the difference in finish that you can achieve.

You can find the same tools at a lower cost elsewhere, but they will not have had the benefit of professional preparation.